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As we are now in February, MCS would like to take this opportunity to remind MCS Heat Pump Contractors that the transition period that has been in place since 26th September 2015 for the Ecodesign of Energy-related Products Directive, will be coming to an end in March.

From 26th March 2016, MCS Contractors will only be able to use Product Seasonal Performance (SCOP/SPER) data for heat pump installations.

The SCOP data will be provided by the Product Manufacturer to their Certification Body for MCS to upload to the MCS Installation Database (MID). It is important to note that if SCOP data is NOT provided by an MCS Manufacturer to their CB by 25th March, then the product will be automatically removed from the list of MCS approved products.

Therefore, MCS Contractors should continue to regularly check the product list on the MCS Website to ensure that any product you wish to install is still listed.

Until 26th March 2016, there are two options for the MCS Contractor to select for product performance when registering an installation on the MID:

  • The Heat Emitter Guide SPF; OR
  • Product Seasonal Performance.

If ‘Heat Emitter Guide SPF’ is selected, the following appears with a drop down selection of values:

HEG SPF Picture 

If ‘Product Seasonal Performance’ is selected, the following appears with a selection of flow temperatures from 35°C – 65°C which automatically populates a SCOP value. As an MCS Contractor, you do not need to provide or access any SCOP data, only select a flow temperature.

PSP picture

From the 26th March, only the ‘Product Seasonal Performance’ will be available.

It is important to note that the heat pump may not perform at every temperature so please check to make sure a SCOP value is provided. A requirement for the RHI is that a minimum SCOP value of 2.5 must be achieved.


All products supplied by manufacturers must have a product label and a product fiche.

Installers must use this to produce a package label and fiche with the combined energy efficiency rating of all installed products. This must be supplied to customers.

Many manufacturers will provide support, training and energy label generators on their websites.
Energy Labelling directives have examples of labels and fiche (See Annex 3 and 4):
Energy labelling (space heaters) – 811/2013
Energy labelling (water heaters) – 812/2013
Energy label generator

Further information for MCS Heat Pump Contractors can be found below:

Installer Standard: MIS 3005 v4.3
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If you have any questions please contact the MCS helpdesk.