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About MCS

MCS is a mark of quality and demonstrates
compliance to industry standards that companies
strive to meet. It highlights to consumers that
companies are able to consistently install or
manufacture to the highest quality every time.

Today MCS has published a new issue of MCS 001 (MCS Contractor Certification Scheme requirements - Issue 3.1).

MCS 001 has also been split into two separate parts one including MCS Contractor requirements (MCS 001-1) and the second including the Certification Process (MCS 001-2). Both parts of the standard, read together, constitute MCS 001 and should be viewed as a single standard.

The purpose of this is to make the MCS Contractor requirements clearer thereby improving the MCS Contractor journey and support Certification Body assessment.

The mandatory date of compliance with Issue 3.1 of MCS 001-1 and MCS 001-2 is 10/02/2018.

Further updates have been made as follows:

Clause 3 Definitions and throughout. A definition of ‘Compliance Assessments’ was agreed in order to distinguish assessments against the MCS standards from assessments of competence.

The requirements of Appendix A clauses 1-18 can now be found in MCS 001-1 Clause 4.

Clause 4.3 Internal Review (Previously Appendix A Clause 3) has been updated to reduce the minimum frequency of internal reviews (annually) and clarification that the reviews be ‘sufficiently often’. Certification Bodies can then assess that the frequency of reviews can be justified by the MCS Contractor. An addition has been made that regulatory changes and/ or changes in scheme requirements should be considered in, and potentially trigger, an internal review.

Clause 5.2 Initial Compliance Assessment Site Eligibility added using site eligibility document which has been streamlined and additional clarification included regarding the MID and the process for generating MCS certificates.

Clause 5.2.1 (now 5.3.1) Office Compliance Assessment has been updated to refer to PAS 2030 equivalence.

Clause 5.4.1 (now 5.5.1) Surveillance visits updated to include reference to a new Appendix (Appendix A) which sets out the process for selecting the annual surveillance visit site which is an agreed Position between Certification Bodies.

Clause 5.4.5 (now 5.5.5) Clarification that MCS Contractors may be expected to bear the cost of complaints specifically under MCS.

Clause 8 Certification Mark has been updated to include an example of the Certification Mark that a MCS Contractor should use.

A new Appendix (Appendix A) has been added which covers the process for Certification Bodies annual surveillance site selection.

MGD 001 Issue 1.1 has also been published and has been updated in accordance with the new clause references as a result of splitting MCS 001 into two parts (MCS 001-1 and MCS 001-2).

MCS 001-1: MCS Contractor Certification Scheme Requirements Part 1: Requirements for MCS Contractors Issue 3.1

MCS 001-2: MCS Contractor Certification Scheme Requirements Part 2: The Certification Process Issue 3.1

MGD 001: Guidance Document for MCS 001 Issue 1.1

If you have any questions regarding any of these amendments please contact the MCS Helpdesk.