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About MCS

MCS is a mark of quality and demonstrates
compliance to industry standards that companies
strive to meet. It highlights to consumers that
companies are able to consistently install or
manufacture to the highest quality every time.

Today MCS has published a new issue of MCS 023 (Additional Requirements for MCS Contractors to demonstrate PAS2030 equivalence for the installation of Microgeneration technologies Issue 2.1).

The scheme has come to realise that the application of MCS 023 Issue 2.0 with no transition period is not practical and therefore Issue 2.1 has been published to provide a 3 month implementation timeline for MCS Contractors.

MCS Contractors certificated to Issue 1.1 of MCS 023 must comply with Issue 2.1 of MCS 023 by 23/02/2018.

Download Installer Standards Here

If you have any questions please contact the MCS Helpdesk via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0207 090 1082.