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About MCS

MCS is a mark of quality and demonstrates
compliance to industry standards that companies
strive to meet. It highlights to consumers that
companies are able to consistently install or
manufacture to the highest quality every time.

Thank you to everyone who has responded so far to the MCS Technical Competence Consultation. We have received an overwhelming amount of interest since the announcement, but we have noted that some people have requested more time to formalise their responses. In light of this, the steering group have agreed to revise the closing date to 5pm on 23rd July 2012.

To access the consultation documents and respond, please follow the link below to get to the consultation documents. A video is also included which provides a background to the project and a quick summary of what the consultation is all about.

Click here to be taken to the consultation website to access the documents and response form

All response forms should be submitted to the following email address with "competence criteria consultation response form" in the subject line This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.