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About MCS

MCS is a mark of quality and demonstrates
compliance to industry standards that companies
strive to meet. It highlights to consumers that
companies are able to consistently install or
manufacture to the highest quality every time.

MCS certification of the Proven Energy P35-2 small wind turbine was suspended on 23 September 2011 following a small number of main shaft failures and the subsequent Administration of the Proven Energy business.

We are pleased to report that a meeting was held at TUV SUD NEL (the accredited MCS Certification Body) with a number of stakeholders on Thursday 12 January 2012.

The primary purpose of the meeting was to address the legacy issues with the P35-2.  As a result of the meeting a way forward has been identified and agreement with all relevant parties is expected to be reached in a matter of weeks.  Once the agreed solution has been finalised, MCS will instruct the Installation Companies to advise their customers of the remedial work that will be required to restart the turbines.

MCS would advise that owners keep their turbines on brake until further advice is given.