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About MCS

MCS is a mark of quality and demonstrates
compliance to industry standards that companies
strive to meet. It highlights to consumers that
companies are able to consistently install or
manufacture to the highest quality every time.

MCS provides an update on the MCS entry criteria consultation. 


Over the course of summer 2012, the MCS installer community provided extremely useful feedback to the consultation on MCS entry criteria. The feedback has been carefully reviewed, and MCS has decided to open up the dialogue to more formally engage with the broader industry views.

MCS has taken care to ensure sensible and realistic alignment with the Competent Persons Schemes and Green Deal.  MCS firmly believes that from an individual installer competence point of view, these schemes must align. However, not all these schemes are based purely on the individual, but rather they are company based schemes and designed to allow flexibility within a robust criteria framework. 

Developing and publishing the robust “company” framework, MCS continues to interact with all the operational schemes, building on the existing MCS installation documents and working with the National Occupational Standards. The extensive feedback received from industry stakeholders is also being considered. MCS has specifically designed an alternative route to that of the traditional training centre route, building upon the concept of an Experienced Workers Route, which will enable installers with years of experience in the industry to gain approval of their competence without necessarily having to attend specific courses and gain a range of qualifications.

Efforts continue to facilitate easier access to an improved and enhanced competency framework, which incidentally is also being developed to adhere to the European Renewable Energy Directive 28 2009 which requires all member states to put in place, by 2013,  a framework that enables each individual to access accredited training, leading to installer certification or qualification. MCS has focused its attentions on developing the competence framework to be efficient and support both the companies within MCS and those wishing to join.

MCS is planning a series of installer workshops for early 2013 to communicate the improvements and changes made following the consultation. These will assist installer companies to share and transfer skills in order to reduce their costs of gaining and maintaining MCS certification. MCS will also provide clear and concise guidance on alignment of the scheme membership with the other schemes operating within the UK as installer skills are transferable and we want to reduce costs and complexity for installation companies.