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Competency Criteria

The MCS Competency Criteria
provides clarity for installer companies
looking to join the Scheme and
maintain on-going compliance with
the MCS Standards.

Competency Criteria

In order to undertake MCS certification, an installation company will be asked to demonstrate how they engage the services of skilled, competent, and experienced individuals to fulfil each activity required to meet and maintain the requirements of the scheme. This includes confirmation of the competence of those individuals involved in the supply, design, installation, set to work and commissioning of microgeneration systems for which the company is seeking certification.

Recently, MCS has taken steps to provide clarity for existing and new installer companies within the Scheme in terms of the competency requirement of the company required to join and maintain on-going compliance.

In this section, you'll find information on the routes to certification and what this means for your organisation. We've also created a guidance document to help answer any queries you may have about the new processes. We will also imminently make available for free on the MCS website a Competency Checker Tool to support use of these frameworks.

Experienced Workers Route (EWR)

MCS is seeking Expressions of Interest for undertaking and delivering a EWR Pilot. 

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