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Competency Criteria

The MCS Competency Criteria
provides clarity for installer companies
looking to join the Scheme and
maintain on-going compliance with
the MCS Standards.

MCS Scheme Criteria

Here, we provide information and access to the scheme criteria for MCS.  

The MCS Scheme Criteria should be read in conjunction with the relevant sections and Appendix A of the MCS Installer Standards and MCS 025.

Where criteria has been identified to underpin roles, as set out in the above documents, the MCS Scheme Criteria shows various pathways to demonstrating that competence.

Please click here to view the MCS Scheme Criteria.

A review of the Competency Checker Tool (CCT) is currently underway. Please note that access to the tool is due to cease on 30th April 2018. We would therefore advise those MCS Contractors that currently use the CCT to demonstrate competency to their Certification Body to download a copy of any information entered into the tool for their records of the MCS Competency Checker Tool Report for their company by clicking the Roles tab and then View Report before 30th April 2018. You can access the CCT here.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact the MCS Helpdesk.