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The consumer area of this website
is to help those wanting to purchase
an MCS certified product or find an
MCS certified installation company.

Installation Process

It is important that any small-scale generation technology is specified, installed and maintained correctly. MCS wants to ensure that as a consumer you know what to look out for to guarantee you have a good experience from start to finish.

You need to have accurate information and enough time to understand what it is you are buying. You must be clear about what your expectations are, and you should know the extent to which the technology(ies) you are considering are capable of meeting them.

In particular you should be clear about the likely performance of the system, and what this is likely to deliver for you in financial terms.

Below are links to some useful information, which should assist you if you are looking to have a microgeneration installation.

Handover Pack

Planning Information

Trading Standards Institute (TSI) Consumer Codes Approval Scheme

Insurance and Warranties

Energy Performanace Certificates (EPC)