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 ** Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive Important Information (Heat Pump Products)** 
  Click here to find out how recent legislation affect MCS Contractors and Products

On this page of the consumer area of the website, you will be able to find a MCS Certified Product, along with further information about the technologies.

Some MCS products may not be eligible for financial incentives. Therefore it is important to check before purchasing a new microgeneration technology. OFGEM has also published a list of eligible products for the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (domestic RHI product eligibility list available here). As a minimum products must hold MCS certification, however additional criteria have been applied to determine eligibility for the domestic RHI. It is important to ensure that the MCS certified product that you use is also listed on the domestic RHI Product Eligibility List if the installation is intended for application to the domestic RHI.

The CEN Solar Keymark certification scheme is recognised by the UK government as an equivalent certification scheme for solar thermal collectors. Please click here to be directed to the CEN Solar Keymark product database.

PLEASE NOTE: MCS Products that have been withdrawn from certification are available for reference here. Installers please check this sheet on a weekly basis against your inventory to ensure your MCS products are still certified. Please note the last date you can register a certificate using one of the products, is listed on the spreadsheet in Column I.

If a product on this list has been removed it may have been recertified by a different Certification Body, you can check by searching for the product by manufacturer and model name below. Please note you are only able to register the version purchased with the Certification Bodies listing.

Please note that heat pump installations commissioned on or after 26/03/2016 must comply with new MCS product requirements aligning the scheme with the Energy related Products Directive. For further information click here

A downloadable version of the heat pump product performance data can be found here..

Wind Turbine

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Product Type Manufacturer Models Certification number
C&F Green Energy CF15 Wind Turbine C&F Green Energy CF 15 15kW Split Phase INT WT20879/3
More info
C&F Green Energy CF20 Wind Turbine C&F Green Energy CF 20 20kW Split INT WT20880/2
More info
C&F Green Energy CF20 Wind Turbine C&F Green Energy CF 20 20kW Three Phase INT WT20880/3
More info
C&F Green Energy CF20 Wind Turbine C&F Green Energy CF 20 20kW Single Phase INT WT20880/1
More info
Eocycle EO20 Wind Turbine Eocycle Technologies Inc. EO20 2614/0843/2-CT
More info
Eocycle EO25 Wind Turbine Eocycle Technologies Inc. EO25 2614/0843/2-CT/E1
More info
Evance Wind Turbine Britwind Limited Evance R9000 includes the following inverter options: 1. SMA WB5000A
2. SMA WB3800V (only when used as part of the Grid+ system)
3. 2x SMA WB2500
4. 2x SMA WB3300 (derated to 2500W)
5. Power One Aurora PVI-6000-TL-OUTD-W
6. Power One Aurora PVI-3.6-TL-OU
MCS WT0039/01
More info
Gaia-Wind 133-11kW Wind Turbine Gaia-Wind Ltd. Gaia-Wind 133-11kW MCS WT0173/01
More info
H15 Class II Wind Turbine Britwind Ltd H15 Class II TUV 0018
More info
H15 Class II Wind Turbine Orbital GFI-320k, GFI-315k, GFI-215k and GFI-115k H15 Class II Britwind Ltd
More info