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TRIC A On Roof Mounting System

Technology: Pitched Roof Installation Kit

Type: Pitched Roof Installation kit

Models: TRIC A On Roof Mounting System

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Above Roof Installation Kit

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Range of Permissible Roof Pitch (degrees) See Manufacturers Website
Compatible Roof Coverings See Manufacturers Website
Roofing Substrate
For certified wind uplift resistance in sound timber
Min rafter size (hxw mm) Min batten size (hxw mm)
See Manufacturers Website See Manufacturers Website
Further notes on fixing (where relevant) See Manufacturers Website
Maximum Design Wind Uplift
Calculated by dividing the characteristic wind uplift by the partial safety factor shown below
See Manufacturers Website
Partial (safety) factor(s) 10
Fire Classification BS476-3:2004 EN 13501-5:2005+A1 :2009
Tiles, corrugated metal sheet, cement sheet Rafters
Limitations on Fire Classification 50 x 30mm