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MCS Standards

MCS Technical Working Groups
develop the MCS standards, which
are predominantly based on
international and European
standards already in existence.

Equivalent Schemes

Currently the only other scheme which is considered equivalent to MCS is the CEN Solar Keymark Scheme. The CEN Solar Keymark covers the certification of Solar Thermal products only and, unlike MCS, does not cover installation company certification. Consumers are able to use a Solar Thermal product approved under Solar Keymark and will still be able to claim under the Government’s incentive scheme, Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), provided the installation has been completed by an MCS certified installation company.

Solar Keymark products are listed on the Solar Keymark website and MCS maintains a link to that website to ensure the product list is up to date. To search for Solar Keymark certified products, please click here to view the CEN Solar Keymark database.

Please note that there may also be other equivalent schemes to MCS in the future, but at present we are only aware of the CEN Solar Keymark Scheme. If you have an enquiry regarding equivalent schemes, please contact the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy(BEIS).