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MCS Standards

MCS Technical Working Groups
develop the MCS standards, which
are predominantly based on
international and European
standards already in existence.

Installer Standards

Installer certification includes assessing the supply, design, installation, set-to-work, and commissioning of renewable microgeneration technologies. Similar to the Gas Safe Register, the MCS gives installers a mark of quality and demonstrates to the consumer that the installation will be completed to the highest quality every time.

Approved guidance and reference materials to be used with the standards can be found below and within each technology type.

General Scheme Requirements

MCS Ref  

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Version Number

Issue Date

MCS 001

Installer Certification Scheme Requirements



MGD 001

Guidance Document for MCS 001

1.0 16.12.2016

MCS 020

Planning Standards



MCS 023

Additional Requirements for MCS Installers to become Green Deal Authorised



MCS 025

Installer Certification Scheme Competency Criteria Guidance

Please note that the mandatory date of compliance with MCS Competency Criteria for MCS Contractors certified pre-16th March 2014, has been extended until 3rd January 2018 or up to 4 surveillance visits from 16th March 2014, whichever occurs sooner.


The change to the mandatory compliance date will be included in a future version of MCS 025. In all other respects, the content of the guidance document still applies. For more information, please visit the Competency Criteria page here.



Supplementary Scheme Documents

MIS 3002,
MIS 3003,
MIS 3007 2

Electricity Metering guidance                                                                        



MIS 3001,

MIS 3004, MIS 3005

MCS Domestic RHI Metering Guidance Document



MIS 3001,

MIS 3004, MIS 3005

70kWth Guidance Document*



ALL Assessment site Eligibility



MCS Change Process Document


MCS Change Process                                                              



Installer standards that have been withdrawn are available for reference here.

*The MCS Standards Management Group (SMG) has prepared a guidance document (found above) to assist installers and the wider industry in understanding the intent of how the thresholds, set within each MCS Installation Standard for the heat technologies, shall be practically applied to design, installation and commissioning work under the MCS scheme.
This document has been prepared by the MCS SMG, taking into account the views of the industry to ensure that systems can be adequately designed and installed under the scheme, whilst reinforcing with installation companies the need to ensure they have the relevant competencies to undertake the tasks associated with these systems.
An MCS certified Installation Company should ensure they follow this guidance, and MCS reserves the right to amend the guidance as necessary through periodic review without prior notice.
The 70kWth threshold was noted by the Scheme as a threshold which aligns with the existing competency criteria set out by the Scheme, and other industries such as oil and gas.