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MCS Standards

MCS Technical Working Groups
develop the MCS standards, which
are predominantly based on
international and European
standards already in existence.

Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels generate electricity by using solar cells to convert energy from the sun into electricity.

Below are the standards required to be met to be able to install Solar PV under the MCS scheme. Approved guidance and reference materials to be used with the standards can also be found below.

Technology Specific Scheme Requirements

Solar PV Systems

MIS 3002

Solar PV Standard



  MCS 012 Important Information



Installer standards that have been withdrawn are available for reference here.


Solar PV Reference Materials

The following reference materials have been approved for use alongside MIS 3002:

Document Title

Version Number

Issue Date

Guide to the Installation of Photovoltaic Systems 1.0 07.02.2013
Irradiance Datasets 2.0 24.07.2013
Blank Horizon Chart 1.0 21.02.2013
The MCS Shade Evaluation Procedure 1 1.0 16.07.2013
The MCS Shade Evaluation Procedure 2 1.0 16.07.2013
FAQs for MIS 3002 v3.1 1.0 16.07.2013