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MCS Standards

MCS Technical Working Groups
develop the MCS standards, which
are predominantly based on
international and European
standards already in existence.

MCS Standards

MCS was designed with input from product and installer representatives, consumer groups, trade associations and technical experts from across the microgeneration and renewable industry. The MCS Technical Working Groups develop the MCS Standards and Scheme documents, which are predominantly based on international and European standards already in existence. Some scheme documents were/are newly developed for MCS purposes.

Many members of the Technical Working Groups sit on European committees helping to develop the European Standards. This helps to harmonise MCS with existing EN standards, and ensure that the MCS standards and scheme documents are all kept up to date accordingly.

The MCS standards have been categorised by Installer and Product Manufacturer, and then further categorised by technology type. This will make it easier to find the relevant standards.


Installer Standards

MCS standards
for installation

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Product Standards

MCS standards
for product

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MCS Equivalence

The CEN Solar Keymark
certified solar thermal

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