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MCS is a mark of quality and demonstrates compliance to industry standards that companies strive to meet. It highlights to consumers that companies are able to consistently install or manufacture to the highest quality every time.

FAQs – Database

A. If you log into the database, you can resend or amend a certificate that you have already put into the system. What you will need to do once logged in is:

1) Click on the certificate number for the installation you would like to resend or amend, the submit installation box will appear with all of the installation details already in it. Change the recipient email address to your own so you will receive the amended copy and can keep it for your records.

2) Once you have made any amendments, click through the rest of the form, selecting the correct address or entering it manually if required, until you get to the last page of the form.

3) On this page, when you click the finish button it will regenerate and send out the certificate again. The certificate will be sent to whichever email address you put into the system under recipient email address.

A. The advice provided by OFGEM is that an MCS certificate cannot be rejected for an erroneous / missing MPAN as long as the customer provides the MPAN at the time of the FITs application.

If the FITS supplier insists that the MPAN is shown on the MCS certificate there are two possible solutions:

1) Contact the customer’s Distributed Network Operator (DNO) to correct the address / MPAN number. The MCS Installation Database uses address and MPAN data held on the ECOES database (the Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service – www.ecoes.co.uk) which is maintained by DNOs. When you enter the postcode into the MCS database, it links to ECOES and pulls back a list of the addresses held on ECOES and displays them with the MPAN number for that address in brackets before it. MCS does not have access to amend details on ECOES. You can find DNO contact details here. Once the details are updated on ECOES you will need to correct the details on the MCS certificate. You can then resend the certificate with the correct details.

2) Manually enter the MPAN into an empty address field. If you are entering an address manually you can enter the MPAN number into an empty address field.This will ensure the MPAN is listed on the certificate. However, you are strongly advised to contact the DNO to update the records on ECOES database (as described above).

A. Installations must be compliant with standard in force on the date of commissioning. You can find archived versions of the standards here.

A. An arrangement to ensure that the full term of the workmanship warranty will be honoured. Such arrangements can include an insurance-backed workmanship warranty or a bond, for example.

A. The definition of domestic is as follows:

“A consumer who has signed a contract, or intends to sign a contract, for an Energy Generator which is installed at or near private domestic premises occupied by them, and intends that the amount of electricity or heat generated by the Energy Generator will not significantly exceed the amount of electricity or heat consumed in those premises.”

Any installation that does not fall within the above definition shall be considered non-domestic. If you remain unsure if your installation is domestic or non-domestic, please contact your Trading Standards Approved Consumer Code administrator.

A. The MCS standards do not stipulate the need for an Insurance Backed Workmanship Warranty. The requirement is contained within the Trading Standards approved consumer code that you are a member of. Please contact them for guidance.

If you choose to supply an Insurance Backed Workmanship Warranty for a non-domestic installation, the details can be entered onto the MID.

A. If applicable, the details of the insurance-backed workmanship warranty should be recorded. Details for the following are required:

  • Insurance policy provider;
  • Insurance policy or certificate number; and
  • Insurance policy start date.


Question A: If insurance details are available A: If insurance details are not available
Insurance Warranty Provider Select your insurance provider from the list. Select ‘other’ and enter the insurance provider in the free text box available.
Insurance policy or certificate number Enter the details of the policy or certificate number. Enter ‘Confirm with insurance provider’.
Insurance policy or certificate start date Enter the start date of the insurance policy or certificate. Enter the commissioning date of the installation.

A. Please inform the MCS Administrator of the duplicate certificate numbers and indicate which certificate you wish to keep. The irrelevant certificates will be marked ‘Withdrawn’ on the installation database and your credits refunded. Please allow up to 5 working days from notification for this to be competed.

A. Please note that any MCS Contractor who has been suspended or removed from the Scheme will have their access to the MCS Installation Database (MID) revoked and will not be able to generate or make amendments to MCS certificates going forward.

Contractors who are reinstated on the Scheme, will have their access rights returned.

This decision has been taken by the Scheme as part of a review of the Scheme’s processes and to ensure that customer data is protected as best as possible.

Customers who are seeking amendments to their certificates should contact the MCS helpdesk.

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