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FAQs – ErP Directive [Installers & Manufacturers]

The below FAQs provide information for Installers and Manufacturers on the Energy related Products (ErP) Directive. This is based on the information available at the time of writing and MCS cannot be held responsible for its accuracy and ensuring compliance with the regulations. In case of doubt please refer to the relevant regulations.

Furthermore we have advised Consumers to speak to their MCS certified installer for further information, where required.

A. From 26th September 2015 all heating and hot water products, with an output equal to or less than 400kW will be affected by the Energy related Products (ErP) directive that comes into force.

The ErP comprises of two directives: Ecodesign and Energy Labelling. Ecodesign will set a minimum energy performance and environment criteria for energy related products, and Energy Labelling will see the introduction of a product label with an efficiency band between A+++ to G (with A+++ being the highest performing product).There will also be an energy label for the complete installed system.

The ErP was introduced to help the EU meet its 20-20-20 target to lower emissions by 20% and increase the share of renewable energies by 20% by 2020. With the aim of improving efficiency, heating systems such as air, ground/water source heat pumps will be required to be labelled in the same way that white goods are such as fridges and freezers.

A. Any heating and hot water products placed on the market from 26th September 2015 must be ErP compliant. Heat pumps placed on the market before this date are not required to be ErP compliant. However MCS has stipulated that any MCS heat pump product commissioned on or after 26th March 2016 must be ErP compliant. This allows six months from the date that ErP comes into force for any non ErP compliant heat pump products to be installed and commissioned.

From 26th September 2015, heat pump installers will need to produce a ‘package fiche’ that will provide the efficiency figure for the complete system and a ‘package label’ that will display performance data when installing a package of heat pump, temperature control and solar device.

The templates for package fiches are included in Annex 3 of the Energy Labelling Directive and can be found here (water heater) and here (space heaters); these templates should be completed using information from the ‘product fiches’ supplied with the components of the system and will form the basis for the package label.

The European Commission has produced an online Energy Label generator that can be found here.

For MCS purposes, non-ErP compliant heat pumps that are commissioned after 25th March 2016 will not be eligible for MCS certification or the RHI regardless of the date that they were placed on the market.

While non-ErP compliant heat pumps may still be sold, provided they were placed on the market prior to 26th September 2015, they will not be eligible for MCS certification or the RHI if they are part of a heat pump installation due to be commissioned on or after 26th March 2016.

Some heat pump manufacturers are providing ErP guidance and training to installers that use their products. If you are unsure about what you will need to do when ErP comes into force, manufacturers may be able to provide additional guidance.

The UK Government have produced a policy document explaining some of the key features of ErP – this can be found here. You are required to provide an energy label for any installations using an ErP compliant product.

A. Please refer to this guidance note.

A. For further guidance please refer to the relevant ErP Directive. The European Solar Thermal Industry Federation has also published guidance: http://www.estif.org/policies/ecodesign_and_energy_labelling/. If you are an installer then you may be able to obtain further guidance from the manufacturer of the product.

A. Please refer to the ErP Directives for further guidance. If you are an installer then you may be able to obtain further guidance from the manufacturer of the product.

A. In most cases the manufacturer is responsible for providing a label and a fiche for individual products. For installations combining multiple products the installer will be responsible for calculating the system’s overall efficiency and providing a system label and fiche. If you are an installer then you may be able to obtain further guidance from the manufacturer of the product.

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