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MCS is a mark of quality and demonstrates compliance to industry standards that companies strive to meet. It highlights to consumers that companies are able to consistently install or manufacture to the highest quality every time.

FAQs – Installers and Manufacturers – General

A. Read the relevant standards which can be found here. Contact one of the approved Certification Bodies to arrange your assessment.

A. Read the relevant standards which can be found here. Contact one of the approved Certification Bodies to arrange your assessment.

A. Each Certification Body has different prices and timescales. We usually recommend that you contact two or three different Bodies to ensure you find one that suits you best. We cannot recommend one body over another.

For the current list of Certification Bodies, and what they are able to certify, please click here.

A. No, we don’t recommend any specific training courses. For any enquiries about training, please contact a training provider or your Certification Body for further guidance.

A. Your Certification Body should have provided you with a copy of the MCS logo when you became certified. Contact your Certification Body if you have not received a copy.

A. Contact your Certification Body. The updates are sent to us every Friday by your Certification Body with the list of newly certificated companies, so try to send in your amended details before then as the changes will then take effect with the new upload on the following Monday.

A. All technical questions regarding products or installations should be directed to your Certification Body.

A. If you are unable to find a specific product when submitting an installation, try searching for the product with the certificate number. This can be found on our website by following this link.

A. You will need to contact the Certification Body that originally carried out your assessment. They will organise another assessment for the new technology you wish to add.

A. Yes, if you are adding to an existing installation, you should generate a certificate containing details of the added panels. The original MCS certificate can remain as it is.

For a PV installation, before you do the install and commissioning you should take a reading from the generation meter before and afterwards. If the customer has applied for the Feed-in Tariff, then this should be given to the customer’s FIT Licensee. It is advisable for the customer to speak to their FIT Licensee beforehand to check through exact process with them.

If the installation was completed prior to your MCS certification being issued then you are permitted to register the installation that you used for your initial MCS assessment. This is called the assessment site and the process is outlined on the MCS website – link here. In effect you (the MCS Contractor) have to redo the commissioning checks required by the relevant technology standard after you have gained MCS certification. As a result the commissioning date will be a date on or after the (Contractor’s) MCS certification is issued. It is not possible to register an installation on the MCS Installation Database (MID) with a commissioning date before you have gained certification.

It is important to note that you (the MCS Contractor) are not permitted to register any other installations installed and commissioned before you were certified. MCS would advise that the installation is still listed as new at the time of registering with MCS.

If the installation being registered was installed and commissioned whilst you (the MCS Contractor) held MCS certification, but the installation was not registered on the MID, then you can still register the installation using the original commissioning date. You (the MCS Contractor) will need to contact the MCS helpdesk to request access to the database as there is a 10 day cut off for registering installations.

No, this is not permitted. It is the intention that an MCS certificate can only be raised where the MCS Contractor has been contracted by the consumer for the full scope of the “supply, design, installation, set to work, commissioning and handover” of a system in accordance with clause 2 of MCS001-1.

Any work carried out by another contractor must be managed through a formal subcontract between the contractor and the MCS Installer who holds the contract with the customer.

MCS 001-1 Contracts and Customer Requirements (4.8) states:

“A contract for the sale and installation of a system shall be entered into only between an MCS Contractor which is certified for the technology type(s) in the contract, and a Customer; and this MCS Contractor shall register the system on the MCS Installation Database under their MCS Contractor user account.”

MCS 001-1 Subcontracting (4.10) states:

“In installations for private customers, any work within the scope of the Scheme not undertaken by employees of the MCS Contractor shall be managed through a formal subcontract agreement between the two parties in accordance with the policies and procedures employed by the MCS Contractor. These procedures shall ensure that the subcontractor undertakes the work in accordance with the requirements of the relevant installation standard.”

A. Produce one certificate and enter both meter serial numbers in the Generation Meter Serial Number field, separate them with a comma. Follow the same process for the meter reading.

A. You will need to tell the customer’s energy supplier. The energy supplier may request photographic evidence of the meter change. It is recommended that you take a photo of the original meter that shows the generation meter serial number and the meter reading and then the same photo of the new meter.

A. Installations must be compliant with standard in force on the date of commissioning. You can find archived versions of the standards here.

Only the MCS Contractor that registered the installation can amend the details on the MCS installation certificate. If the original Contractor is no longer MCS certified then the customer can contact the MCS helpdesk for further information on how to amend the information. It is worth noting that generally the MCS helpdesk will only correct information that was incorrect at the time of the installation. The MCS helpdesk does not make updates to reflect changes to the system at a later date.

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