Competency Criteria

The MCS Competency Criteria provides clarity for installer companies looking to join the Scheme and maintain on-going compliance with the MCS Standards.


The Scheme has now identified a number of key “Roles” that a company will need to fulfil in order to meet with the requirements of certification. It is important to clarify that this list of key “Roles” is not exhaustive. Other positions may exist within a company; however, these roles have been selected to provide guidance on individual competency requirements.

These roles can be fulfilled by one individual or could be fulfilled by a number of individuals to suit the company’s requirements.

This can be achieved by utilising a combination of competent individuals. The overall aims are:

  • To make the Scheme accessible for all size companies with competent individuals whilst maintaining the quality and consumer/installer protection;
  • To allow companies to demonstrate how individuals meet clearly defined competency requirements either by qualifications) or by following an Experienced Workers Route (EWR) designed to meet the same criteria
  • To ensure that companies can select the appropriate skills set for the MCS certification scope they are seeking, and increase the scope to suit their needs;
  • To give clarity by following this guidance that will assist in removing the uncertainty in terms of competency requirements and help to easily identify suitable and recognised training/assessment to meet learning requirements.

For further information about the roles and their definitions, please download MCS 025 – Competency Criteria Guidance.

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