Competency Criteria

The MCS Competency Criteria provides clarity for installer companies looking to join the Scheme and maintain on-going compliance with the MCS Standards.

Routes to Certification 

The publication of the Competency Criteria did not change the routes available to installation companies to demonstrate competence. MCS Certification Bodies accept appropriate evidence that meet with the published criteria for the scope of technology you are applying for.

Compliance with the competence criteria is part of the approval process, successful demonstration of compliance along with all other aspects of the scheme operation should see companies successfully becoming MCS registered.

Demonstration of competence is at a company level and the company should ensure they are able to demonstrate how they comply with the relevant criteria for the scope of application they are undertaking.

There are several ways to demonstrate this as seen below in the diagram:

Competency Graphic

As can be seen assessment is one way of demonstrating competence and usually follows a Training programme or is included within a Course. Albeit it this is typically at an installer level the company should demonstrate how they utilise the operatives they work with to meet the desired competencies.

There is no requirement for an individual to undertake training if they feel they are sufficiently competent to undertake an assessment only and they should consult with the approved assessment provider on this approach.

Alternatively, the MCS Certification Body can accept competence demonstrated in other ways such as the Experienced Workers Route (EWR) or indeed a combination of both.

Further information about each route can be found in the Qualifications and Experienced Workers Route pages of this section.

Alternatively, please read MCS 025 – Competency Criteria Guidance here for further guidance about the Competency Criteria.



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