As has always been the case, companies may look to demonstrate their competence by proving that their operatives have gained relevant qualifications or training. The publication of the competence criteria has been complemented by MCS clarifying what it considers to be a ‘relevant qualification’. The MCS Competency Guidance lists courses approved by the Awarding Bodies, or mapped by Summit Skills.

Just because a course is not listed in the MCS Competency Guidance does not mean it is any less valid or relevant.

All existing training, courses and qualifications can be used to demonstrate competence, as before. Older qualifications can still be used too, so long as any gap where the standards have moved on can be covered by providing additional evidence to the Certification Bodies (whether additional assessment or relevant experience). Some assessment providers even offer courses specifically aimed at covering gaps from older qualifications, so that the knowledge gained in the past is easily brought up to date.

Ultimately your CB is responsible for checking that the evidence supplied gives them confidence to award certification. The on-going work within the competence criteria project should improve that ability, further making it easier to meet scheme requirements and ideally providing a more efficient way for companies to submit various forms of evidence towards demonstration of competence.

Please read MCS 025 – Competency Criteria Guidance for further information


Independent Mapping

SummitSkills has conducted the independent mapping service on behalf of the scheme, they announced their closure in March 2017 and consequently terminated the mapping functionality in December 2017.

Please read MCS 025 – Competency Criteria Guidance for further information

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