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Please complete this form to register a complaint with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Before submitting a complaint, please ensure you have read the Important Information to ensure this is a matter which can be addressed by MCS.

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1 Any organisation which holds the MCS certification for its installation services or products and may be referred to as 'MCS Contractor'.
2 If you have signed a contract, or intend to sign a contract, for a system which is installed at or near private domestic premises occupied by you, and you intend that the amount of electricity or heat generated by the micro generation system will not significantly exceed the amount of electricity or heat consumed in those premises, then you would be considered a domestic consumer.

If complaining about an MCS certified company you must:

  • be able to demonstrate that you have attempted to resolve the issues identified with the certified company in writing;
  • not undertake remedial work through an independent third party unless this third party was appointed by the certified company or MCS complaint handler;
  • be willing for the certified company to be present at any inspections, carry out remedial work and have access to the property unless you can justify to MCS why this cannot happen;
  • Your complaint must be registered with MCS no more than six years after the date that the system was commissioned; and
  • In general where a complainant has commenced legal proceedings against a certified company the complaint handler has the right to suspend or end any investigation of the complaint.

MCS Contractors working with domestic customers must also be a member of a Trading Standards Institute Approved Consumer Code. The MCS Administrator works closely with the relevant consumer code, and the relevant Certification Body to address complaints from domestic consumers. In some cases complaints may need to be addressed by both the consumer code and certification body to ensure a complaint can be fully investigated. In these cases, the technical aspects of the complaint will normally be investigated first.

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  • I have read the Important Information and the MCS Complaint Guidelines and wish to register a complaint
  • I am happy for the details of this complaint to be shared between the MCS Administrator, the relevant MCS Certification Body(ies), the relevant consumer code, the Green Deal Oversight and Registration body, the relevant Trading Standards Department, the Trading Standards Institute, the Financial Conduct Authority, and/or the Companies Investigation Branch
  • To the best of my knowledge the details provided on this form are correct.

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