Amend Certificate

This form is required for a customer or FIT licensee wishing to have a certificate amended where the original installer has ceased trading or is no longer MCS certified. 

Please note: An MCS certificate should never be updated unless the installation details were incorrectly recorded at the time of the system’s first commissioning. Changes to an installation that occur after the original system commissioning do not need to be notified except where the output of the system is now greater. If this is the case a new certificate will need to be generated. We advise you speak to your energy supplier (FIT) or OFGEM (RHI) for clarity on how this may affect any incentive you receive before proceeding with any amendments to the system.

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Please provide details of the amendments required

Please provide a concise reason for the Amend Certificate request

(Please note if your meter has been changed your MCS Certificate does not need updating. If you are receiving the Feed In Tariff contact your energy supplier)

Please attach proof of ownership & evidence of system amendment

Proof of Ownership (not required for if applicant is the FIT licensee)

One of the following three items is sufficient:

  1. a fully paid invoice marked paid by the installation company;
  2. the original invoice with the corresponding bank statements showing full payment has been made; or
  3. a formal letter from a solicitor, on headed paper, stating that the customer is both the owner of the property and the system in question.

Evidence of Requested Amendment (needed by both Customer and FIT licensee)

Please attach supporting documents you have received from your installer or third party for the request you are making.

Please note: If the meter details were listed incorrectly at the time your original certificate was created you will need to send a photo of the meter (photo must clearly show the meter make and model along with the meter serial number).

(format: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png)


In making this application for an MCS Installation Certificate to be created or amended to MCS or the MCS licensee (Gemserv Limited) acting on its behalf (together “we” or “us”) and ticking the below check box, you acknowledge that:

  1. You have provided in support of your application all information and documentation you have for the change to be made.
  2. All the information and documentation you have provided as part of or in support of your application is (to the best of your knowledge, after careful consideration and the making of all reasonable enquiries) accurate, up to date and complete.
  3. If we have any further queries following receipt of your application, you will answer these fully and in a manner which is (to the best of your knowledge, after careful consideration and the making of all reasonable enquiries) accurate, up to date and complete.
  4. You will keep copies of any documentation provided to us and we will not be required to return any documentation to you.
  5. We may share information and documentation relating to your application and, once it is generated, your MCS Installation Certificate with the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Gas & Electricity Markets Authority (OFGEM), and with any other person in any circumstances where we are required to do so by law.

Please check the box to confirm acknowledgement, confirmation and agreement of the statement above.

You will receive an initial response within five working days. Once all the requisite information has been submitted and is assessed to be correct, your request will be processed within five working days. Once the certificate has been amended a copy of the certificate will be emailed to the email address provided.