The consumer area of this website is to help those wanting to purchase an MCS certified product or find an MCS certified installation company.


We recognise that at times things don’t always go to plan. If this is the case, follow these simple steps if you have a complaint about the installation undertaken for you by your MCS-certified Contractor:


If you have an MCS Certificate for the system in question, then it was done by an MCS Certified Contractor.

If you don’t have an MCS Certificate, or unsure if one exists (or should do), you can check this by calling the MCS Helpdesk.

If you are unsure if the MCS Certified Contractor who commissioned your system is still on the Scheme, you can search for them here.

If the Contractor is no longer on the Scheme, MCS or their Certification Body is unable to process complaints involving them. You may wish to speak with the Citizens’ Advice Bureau for your next steps.

If the Contractor is still on the Scheme, the first step is to submit your complaint to them.

To determine the Certification Body or Consumer Code, or if your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction, please contact the MCS Helpdesk. We are here to help.

Please note

The ultimate sanction MCS has if Contractors fail to comply, is removal of their licence to operate under the scheme. We do not have the authority to award compensation or other financial redress. For other organisations which might be able to help click here.

Please click here to continue to the MCS Complaints Form.

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