The consumer area of this website is to help those wanting to purchase an MCS certified product or find an MCS certified installation company.

Trading Standards Institute (TSI) Consumer Codes Approval Scheme

It is mandatory for all our members to be registered with a Trading Standards Institute (TSI) Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS), it is facilitated self-regulation. It aims to promote consumer interests by setting out the principles of effective customer service and protection. It goes above and beyond consumer law obligations and sets a higher standard, showing consumers clearly – through the right to display the TSI Approved Code logo – that code members can be trusted.

Presently RECC, HIES and GGF are the only consumer codes available.


Renewable Energy Consumer Code

The Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) was set up by the Renewable Energy Association. Their aim is to guarantee a high quality experience for consumers wishing to buy or lease small-scale energy generation systems for their homes.

RECC membership is a sign that the supplier has agreed to abide by the high standards as set out in the Consumer Code. This code is backed by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI) as part of its self-regulation initiative, the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme.

RECC has also produced a very comprehensive guide for consumers, and covers many of the issues you should be aware of. Alternatively, download the RECC top tips for consumers for a summary of things you should be looking out for. For more information on the Consumer Code please click here.


The Home Insulation & Energy Systems Contractors Scheme

The Home Insulation & Energy Systems Contractors Scheme (HIES) believes in Consumer Protection and ensuring consumers are dealt with professionally, courteously, sympathetically and any products they purchase from HIES Members are fit for purpose, installed well with guarantees which are underwritten to provide a high level of protection.

HIES also believes that consumers should have free access to robust dispute resolution and therefore provide consumers with free mediation, free independent inspection and free access to The Ombudsman to help resolve any issue that may arise.

Consumers using HIES Accredited Members will not be left disadvantaged at any point, from the moment they sign a contract with a HIES Member to the end of the guarantee period.

To that end, The HIES Scheme Rules & Code of Practice, which is a stringent set of Rules and ‘Modus Operandi’, the members must adhere to at all times in their dealings with consumers, has been approved by The Trading Standards Consumer Code Approval Scheme (CCAS). For further information please visit:


The Glass and Glazing Federation

The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) represents companies that make, supply or fit, glass and glass related products in the UK and internationally. This includes glazing companies that also supply renewable energy products such as solar PV and heat pumps.

The GGF is committed to consumer protection and to helping its Members deliver a consistently high standard of customer service. To that end it has developed the GGF Consumer Code of Practice, the first in the glazing sector to receive CTSI approval under its Consumer Codes Approval Scheme. This approved Code also includes renewable energy products.

All GGF Member companies that deal direct with homeowners are required to comply with the Code, which covers all aspects of consumer contact from initial promotion to after-sales service. GGF consumer protection includes security for deposits and stage payments under the GGF Deposit Indemnity Scheme and access to the free GGF Conciliation Scheme in the unlikely event that a Member company is unable to resolve a consumer’s problem.

The GGF created the consumer information website to help homeowners make informed decisions about home improvements, providing inspiration, advice and information about glazing products and services.

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