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Wind Turbine

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Product Type Manufacturer Models Certification number
Eocycle EO20 Wind Turbine Eocycle Technologies Inc. EO20 2614/0843/2-CT
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Eocycle EO25 Wind Turbine Eocycle Technologies Inc. EO25 2614/0843/2-CT/E1
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Evance Wind Turbine Britwind Limited Evance R9000 includes the following inverter options: 1. SMA WB5000A
2. SMA WB3800V (only when used as part of the Grid+ system)
3. 2x SMA WB2500
4. 2x SMA WB3300 (derated to 2500W)
5. Power One Aurora PVI-6000-TL-OUTD-W
6. Power One Aurora PVI-3.6-TL-OU
MCS WT0039/01
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H15 Class II Wind Turbine Orbital GFI-320k, GFI-315k, GFI-215k and GFI-115k H15 Class II Britwind Ltd
More info
Lely Aircon 10 Wind Turbine Lely Aircon B.V. 10 kW TUV 0007
More info
Lely Aircon 30 Wind Turbine Lely Aircon B.V. 30 kW TUV 0016
More info
Orenda Skye 49kW Wind Turbine Orenda Energy Solutions Inc. Skye 49kW 2615/1059-CT
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Scirocco 6 kW Wind Turbine Clyntech Ltd. Scirocco 6kW wind turbine includes the following inverter options:
1. PVI6000 6kW ABB inverter
MCS WT0226/01
More info
SD6 - Three phase Wind Turbine SD6 - Three phase SD Wind Energy Limited
More info
TN 535 R1.4 Wind Turbine Tozzi Nord s.r.l TN 535 with TDE Macno Inverter and Single Phase Output KIWA 00015/006 WT
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