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Request an Amendment

Note that amendments can only be carried out at the request of, and MCS Certificate copies can only be provided to, the current system owner or their legal representative. To cover administrative costs there is a charge of £30 + VAT (£36 in total) payable before an amended certificate is issued.

The process for requesting an amendment to, and a copy of, an MCS Certificate is as follows. Please follow the process once for each certificate which requires an amendment (each certificate can have more than one amendment).

You can check whether an MCS Certificate exists by calling the MCS Helpdesk. You will need to know the technology type of the system and the full address (including postcode) where the system is installed. Please note that MCS certification is not a mandatory or legal requirement for system installation.

You will need to submit one piece of evidence for Proof of Ownership, and one or more for Proof of Amendment (depending on the amendments required).

Proof of Ownership:

For Proof of Ownership, one of the following four items is sufficient:

  • a fully paid invoice marked paid by the original MCS Contractor (i.e. the installation company);
  • the original invoice with the corresponding bank statements showing full payment has been made; or
  • a formal letter from a solicitor, on headed paper, stating that the customer is the owner of the system in question; or
  • a copy of the system owners electricity bill (or equivalent) that shows they are currently in receipt of the Feed-in Tariff.

Note that, proof of ownership of the property is not proof of ownership of the system.

Proof of Amendment:

Evidence is required for each amendment needed. Examples of common amendments, and the associated evidence, is shown in the table below. (Please note that this list is not exhaustive. The MCS Administrator will assess all evidence provided, and we reserve the right to request additional evidence.)

Amendment needed Evidence required
Address details, postcode, or MPAN Full, two-page electricity bill showing the MPAN number
Commissioning date Commissioning document from the original MCS installer, showing the commissioning date
DNC / EAG / TIC Commissioning document from the original MCS installer, or a signed letter from a currently-certified MCS installer, on headed paper, showing the correct figure
Product details Commissioning document from the original MCS installer, or a signed letter from a currently-certified MCS installer, on headed paper, showing the product details
Compliance certificate MCS does not have the power to amend compliance certificates
Meter details (make, model, serial number) A clear picture of the meter, showing the make, model and serial number
Meter reading MCS does not have the power to amend meter readings

Once your evidence has been submitted, it will be reviewed, normally within ten working days. If the evidence supplied is sufficient, you will be notified by email with a reference number. You should then proceed to the payment stage.

Note that we cannot proceed with the process of amending a certificate without sufficient evidence for both Proof of Ownership and Proof of Amendment.

Please ensure you have read the process information before submitting a request.

Request an MCS Certificate Amendment

Once the evidence provided is assessed to be sufficient, you will receive an email confirmation from a Helpdesk agent; within this there will be a link to our PayPal payment page. Following this link will take you to an external site, where you will be able to make your payment. The cost per certificate is £30 + VAT (£36 in total); please use the requestor ID number given in the subject line of your email response from the MCS Helpdesk Agent.

Once payment is confirmed, the agent will send a copy of the Certificate to the email address used for the application, normally within ten working days.

Note that the above process is for amendments to an MCS Certificate. If your certificate does not require an amendment, but you still need a copy, please click here.

Points to note:

  • Information about the content of MCS Certificates cannot be disclosed over the phone.
  • Information submitted to the MCS Helpdesk is subject to processing under our Privacy Policy.
  • Please click here for the MCS Certificate Charging and Refund Policy.

To follow up on a previously submitted request, where the above-mentioned timescales have elapsed, please contact the MCS Helpdesk.

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