Heat Pump Products: Energy-related Products Directive

The Energy-related Products Directive (ErP) came into force on 26th September 2015. The ErP Directive affects all heating and hot water products with an output equal to or less than 400kW.

The ErP comprises two directives: Ecodesign and Energy Labelling.

  • Ecodesign will set a minimum energy performance and environment criteria for energy related products; and
  • Energy Labelling will see the introduction of a product label with an efficiency band between A+++ to G (with A+++ being the highest performing product). There will also be an energy label for the complete installed system.

The ErP was introduced to help the EU meet its 20-20-20 target to lower emissions by 20% and increase the share of renewable energies by 20% by 2020. With the aim of improving efficiency, heating systems such as air, ground/water source heat pumps will be required to be labelled in the same way that white goods are such as fridges and freezers.

Since 26th September there has been a transition period in place for Heat Pump products, to enable them to comply with MCS 007 v5.0*. However from 26th March 2016, if an MCS Heat Pump manufacturer has not provided the SCOP/SPER data (a requirement of MCS 007 v5.0) then it will be removed from the MCS certified product list.

If you are an MCS contractor manufacturer of micro CHP, heat pumps or solar thermal then you will need to ensure you comply with the Directive. Please refer to the relevant Ecodesign or Energy Labelling Directives for further information.

Energy labels are required for a complete installed system. MCS Contractors are responsible for providing the package label that should display the performance data of the heat pump, temperature control and solar device once installed.
Please check with the Product Manufacturer as they may have a label generator on their website, alternatively the European Commission has produced an online Energy Label generator that can be found on their website: http://eepf-energylabelgenerator.eu/ (you will need the product fiche information that can be found on the product manufacturers website to complete the label).

Further information on how the ErP directly affects MCS Heat Pump Contractors and Product Manufacturers can be found below, along with links to ErP FAQs and an Ofgem Domestic RHI ErP helpsheet.

ErP Information for MCS Contractors

ErP Information for MCS Heat Pump Product Manufacturers

ErP FAQs for MCS Contractors & Manufacturers

ErP and Domestic RHI Helpsheet

Heat Pump Products Data (SCOP/SPER information)

Please note as an MCS Contractor, it is your responsibility to continue to check the product list on the MCS Website to ensure that any product you wish to install is still listed.


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*Please note that the MCS heat pump standards were updated in May 2015 to align with ErP.