MCS Scheme Information for Installers & Manufacturers

Below you will find useful information relating to the MCS Scheme, including information on MCS Marketing and the MCS Database.


This information is useful for installers who are currently certified, as well as those wishing to become certified and operate in the market under the MCS mark.


MCS Quality Mark

The MCS Mark and Approved Logo may only be used by those licensed to do so. Compliance with these guidelines is part of an organisation’s license agreement. Misuse may result in the withdrawal of permission to use the MCS Mark, and other action including litigation, arbitration or compromise.

If you are an MCS Certified Installer or Product Manufacturer, you will receive the MCS Approved Logo from your Certification Body upon successful completion of the certification process and signing of the Licence Agreement.

If you have not received the MCS Approved Logo, please contact your Certification Body.

MCS Brand Guidelines

Please read the MCS Brand Guidelines for advice on how to use the MCS Approved Logo.

If you have come across unauthorised use of MCS Approved Logo, please report it to us via Contact us page.

MCS Marketing Materials

We have developed MCS Consumer Guideand MCS Installer and Product Manufacturer Guide for the use of MCS Installers and Product Manufacturers, Certification Bodies and other stakeholders.

This online database is designed to be used by MCS certified installation companies to register the MCS installations that they have carried out.

The MCS Database is used to generate an MCS Certificate for a customer’s installation; the certificate should be generated by the installer company within 10 working days of the installation being commissioned.

This MCS Certificate can be used by the customer to obtain financial incentives such as FITs. The installation information is stored and used by Energy Suppliers to verify the eligibility of an installation.



MCS Installation Database Guidance

To assist with the registration of installations on the MCS Installation Database please refer to the following documents:

To find out latest information regarding the MCS Scheme, including updates to product and installer standards, brand guidelines, transition arrangements and consultations, please visit the News & Events page.

A list of useful organisations can be found here.

You will be able to browse through some of the most commonly asked questions on the website here. For ease the questions have been broken down into the following categories: