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In this area of the website you can find information on the scheme benefits, the certification process for installers and manufacturers and Certification Body details.

Installer Certification

Installer certification involves assessing the supply, design, installation, set-to-work, and commissioning of renewable microgeneration technologies. Installers are certified against the MCS standards by a Certification Body.

There are a number of ways to get involved with MCS:

  1. Become a fully certified MCS Installer company – gain your own certification;
  2. Work full time for a certified MCS Installer company – MCS certification covers a whole company. You may wish to contact an existing MCS company who may be looking for skilled staff; or
  3. Become a sub-contractor to a certified MCS Installer company – if you want to remain independent, but feel you would like to work in this field you could be a sub-contractor to an MCS certificated company. Please see important installer information section for subcontracting requirements within the scheme.

In summary, your company is assessed by a Certification Body to ensure your company is able to install the renewable technology in line with the MCS standards. They will assess your company in terms of the company practices and also perform an inspection of an installation site that you nominate. All MCS installers will be assessed against the MCS 001 standard and the specific technical standard for the technology they wish to become certified for. Installer standards are available here.

You will also need to become a member of a Trading Standards Institute (TSI) Approved Consumer Code prior to completing your MCS assessment. Currently RECCHIES and GGF are the consumer codes available.

All the Certification Bodies have different prices for the certification, and timescales can also differ for the assessment. We recommend that you contact a few to decide which is best for your business. The Certification Body contact details can be found here.

The installation that is used for your site assessment is eligible for the financial incentives i.e. the Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) or the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The Eligibility for installation to be MCS approved document is available for download here.

For more information please download the MCS Installer & Manufacturer Guide.

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