Installers & Manufacturers

In this area of the website you can find information on the scheme benefits, the certification process for installers and manufacturers and Certification Body details.

Product Certification

Product Manufacturers can get MCS certification if their products fall within the scope of the scheme. To get MCS certification for your products you will need to read the relevant Product Standard.

After you have read these documents you will need to contact a Certification Body. The Certification Body will assess your product(s) against the technical product standard and visit your factory to ensure that the production environment and processes meet the MCS requirements. MCS 011 Testing Acceptance Criteria and MCS 010 Factory production Control Requirements are available from the Product Standards section of this website.

All the Certification Bodies have different prices for the certification, and timescales can also differ for the product assessment. We recommend that you contact a few to decide which is best for your business.

You are required to choose only one Certification Body to get your products MCS certified. The Certification Body contact details can be found here.

For more information please download the MCS Installers & Manufacturers Guide.

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