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ESP Ecocent

Technology: Exhaust Air Heat Pump

Models: ESP400-010-200L(D) (PASHW-010-200LD)

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Exhaust Air to Water Heat Pump - 2.6KW

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Flow Temperature SCOP (using the SPF3 SEPEMO system boundary for SH only)
35°C N/A
36°C N/A
37°C N/A
38°C N/A
39°C N/A
40°C N/A
41°C N/A
42°C N/A
43°C N/A
44°C N/A
45°C N/A
46°C N/A
47°C N/A
48°C N/A
49°C N/A
50°C N/A
51°C N/A
52°C N/A
53°C N/A
54°C N/A
55°C N/A
56°C N/A
57°C N/A
58°C N/A
59°C N/A
60°C N/A
61°C N/A
62°C N/A
63°C N/A
64°C N/A
65°C N/A

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