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MCS Charitable Foundation and MCSSCo urge Government to rethink FIT scheme proposals

The MCS Charitable Foundation and the MCS Service Company have submitted a joint response to the Government’s consultation on the proposed closure of the Feed-In Tariffs Scheme which supports small-scale low-carbon generation in the UK.

We strongly opposed the proposed closure of the scheme to new applicants after March 2019. If adopted, it would mean the small-scale low-carbon generation sector would be the only part of the low-carbon sector not supported by the Government. This would mean it would be only the well-heeled who could subsidise a commitment to a low carbon future. Community projects, the disadvantaged and the fuel poor would be excluded.

We believe that a vibrant industry providing high quality installations for consumers willing to invest their own funds is critical for the UK to meet its carbon targets. We are concerned that the Government’s proposals would cause significant harm to the industry which is already struggling to adjust to previous and sudden reductions in support. Standards are likely to suffer, consumer confidence would be undermined meaning they would be less likely to invest and the achievements of the past 12 years in developing a supply chain and skilled workforce would be lost.

We have called on the Government to maintain the current Feed-in Tariff regime for micro-generators in real terms and to continue to keep the regime under regular review. We have urged them to update building control regulations so that solar PV, in conjunction with appropriately sized battery storage, be required on all suitable new roofs.

The full consultation response is here (link to website).