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MCS Standard Update – Update to MCS 007 Product Certification Scheme Requirements: Heat Pumps (Issue 6.0)

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) has today published an updated Issue (6.0) of MCS 007 – Product Certification Scheme Requirements: Heat Pumps. The changes are to update the current references to external standards and EU regulations/guidance.

The changes are summarised below:

  • Update to the Foreword with a six month transition period;
  • Update section 2 “Definitions” to clarify definitions of Heat Pumps and System Operating temperatures/conditions to align with other standards and guides where possible;
  • Clarify the scope and definition for Exhaust Air Heat Pumps;
  • Amendments to the text within Clause 7 “Technical Documentation” and Clause 8 “Performance and Testing Criteria”;
  • Include the adoption of the Product Family definition from Solar Keymark and Eurovent Certita Certification;
  • • Clarify that the scope of MCS 007 only includes Solar Assisted Heat Pumps (SAHP) for hot water systems and advise on how to prevent ice build-up in SAHP systems;
  • Review and update the external standards referenced to the latest version available, e.g. EN 14511: 2018, EN 14825:2016, EN 12309: 2014 & 2015 and BS EN 12102; and
  • Amendments to Acoustic testing of Heat Pumps in Annex A.

MCS 007 Issue 6.0 can be found on the MCS website here.

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