MCS Standards

Transitional Arrangements

Micro-Hydro technology currently falls under the transitional arrangements as the MCSStandards for this technology were recently completed and, at present, MCS is awaiting the accreditation of Certification Bodies by UKAS (or equivalent). This will then allow Certification Bodies to certificate Micro-Hydro installation companies against the installer standards. Currently one Certification Body has extended their scope and is able to approve Micro-Hydro products.

Although Micro-Hydro technology is currently covered under MCS, the installation company and product manufacturers do not need to be approved in order for the customer to be able to claim FITs. At present customers are to apply to Ofgem directly for accreditation of the installation in order to claim FITs.

Further information on this will be made available through the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). The transitional arrangements have been put in place to allow installation companies and product manufacturers under micro hydro to have a provisional listing until a Certification Body is able to grant full approval. For details on how to apply, please see the MCS 021 document.

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