Compliance Certificates

Compliance certificates are only applicable for use with heat generating technologies. They are not currently part of the requirements for electricity generating technologies.

Please see the Important Installer Information section of the website for further guidance.

Compliance certificates – Templates for upload as a spreadsheet
MCS Ref Download the Documents Version Number Issue Date
CC 001 Biomass Compliance Certificate – Spreadsheet Template 2.0 14.01.2019
CC 002 Heat Pump Compliance Certificate – Spreadsheet Template 3.1 22.01.2019
CC 003 Solar Thermal Compliance Certificate – Spreadsheet Template 2.0 14.01.2019

Heat technology installations commissioned before the 16th March 2014 may upload Dummy Compliance Certificates:

Dummy Biomass Compliance Certificate

Dummy Heat Pump Compliance Certificate

Dummy Solar Thermal Compliance Certificate