MCS Standards

MCS Technical Working Groups develop the MCS standards, which are predominantly based on international and European standards already in existence.

MCS Consultations 

MCS periodically issues consultations. This usually takes place when developing or updating the MCS scheme documents. The consultation announcements will also be included in the News & Events section of this website.

Currently issued for consultation is MCS 010. Please see the table below for supporting documents.

MCS 010 – Product Certification Scheme Requirements: Generic Factory Production Control and Product Quality Requirements
Document Version Number Issue date Closure Date
MCS 010 – Clean version 2.0 23.11.2018 21.12.2018
MCS 010 – Mark-up version 2.0 23.11.2018 21.12.2018
Supporting Note 1.0 23.11.2018 21.12.2018
Consultation Comment Form 1.0 23.11.2018 21.12.2018