MCS Standards

70kWth Application Guidance

The MCS Standards Management Group (SMG) has prepared a guidance document (found below) to assist installers and the wider industry in understanding the intent of how the thresholds, set within each MCS Installation Standard for the heat technologies, shall be practically applied to design, installation and commissioning work under the MCS scheme.

This document has been prepared by the MCS SMG, taking into account the views of the industry to ensure that systems can be adequately designed and installed under the scheme, whilst reinforcing with installation companies the need to ensure they have the relevant competencies to undertake the tasks associated with these systems.

An MCS certified Installation Company should ensure they follow this guidance, and MCS reserves the right to amend the guidance as necessary through periodic review without prior notice.

The 70kWth threshold was noted by the Scheme as a threshold which aligns with the existing competency criteria set out by the Scheme, and other industries such as oil and gas.

The guidance document can be found here.

Archived Consultations

MCS periodically issues consultations. This usually takes place when developing or updating the MCS scheme documents. A summary of previous consultations is listed below. Please click on the relevant link in the table to view a summary of the responses.

Date Description of Consultation Summary of responses
October 2013 16 MCS standards went out for public consultation. The changes centered on improving the robustness of the Scheme in preparation for the launch of the domestic RHI in Spring 2014. Please click here
April/May 2014 MIS 3005 and MCS 007 (heat pump standards) went out for consultation following proposed changes regarding the following three technology types were: Hot Water Heat Pumps, Very High Temperature Heat Pumps and Solar Assisted Heat Pumps. Responses to follow
April/May 2014 MCS 001 went out for consultation following proposed changes to Appendix A, Clause 8 (contracts and customer requirements). Responses to follow
Feb 2015 MIS 3005, MCS 007, MCS 021 and MCS SCOP Calculator (heat pump standards) went out for consultation after intergrating ErP requirements. Responses to follow
October 2015 Scheme Threshold Consultation Responses to follow
November 2015 MCS 008 Biomass Cookers Annex Responses to follow
November 2015 CB Requirements Document Responses to follow
March 2016 Defined Scope Criteria Responses to follow
August 2016 MCS published a six week consultation on extending the scope of MCS 014MCS 015MIS 3007 and MIS 3007-2 as well as the Micro-Cogeneration Add-On Calculator and Micro-Cogeneration Add-On-Test Package: Test methodology based on PAS 67:2013.Supporting Note Responses to follow
June 2017 MCS published a one month consultation  on a number of changes to MCS 012

MCS 012/consultation version

Supporting note

Responses to follow

Solar PV Reference Materials

The following reference materials have been approved for use alongside MIS 3002:

Document Title

Version Number

Issue Date

New PV Guide 1.0 07.02.2013
Irradiance Datasets 2.0 24.07.2013
Blank Horizon Chart 1.0 21.02.2013
The MCS Shade Evaluation Procedure 1 1.0 16.07.2013
The MCS Shade Evaluation Procedure 2 1.0 16.07.2013
FAQs for MIS 3002 v3.1 1.0 16.07.2013

Solar Thermal Reference Materials

The following reference materials have been approved for use alongside MIS 3001:

Document Download here Version
Thermal Solar Performance Energy Calculator Download here 1.2
Calculation for Solar Thermal Total Installed Capacity Download here

Heat Pump Reference Materials

Grid connection forms

The following forms should be submitted to the relevant Distribution Network Operator (DNO) before connecting a heat pump to the elecricity grid. Please contact the product supplier for all product data required to complete the forms and the DNO for further information on the forms.

Document Download here
Form A – Word Click here
Form A – PDF Click here
Form B – Word Click here
Form B – PDF Click here
Form C- Word Click here
Form C – PDF Click here

Heat Pump Software

Installer companies may use any heat pump calculation software that complies with EN12831. Alternatively, installer companies may use the spreadsheet New Build house using BS EN 12831 simplified method v 1 2 which can be downloaded below.

DECC Heat Pump Training Road Show Webinars

Following the DECC Heat Pump Training road shows in 2011, we have published a series of comprehensive webinars that have been produced. The webinars cover all of the topics from the training day.

The training webinar has been broken down into 19 parts to enable the sections to be viewed in bite sized chunks. Please view the webinar sections in the order listed below.

Document Download here
DECC Roadshow Presentations
MIS 3005 Presentation 1 Introduction and Scope
MIS 3005 Presentation 2 Motivation and Common Issues
MIS 3005 Presentation 3 BS EN 12831 and Sizing
MIS 3005 Presentation 4 MIS 3005 v3 Presentation 4 – Tables and Spreadsheet Outputs
MIS 3005 Presentation 5 Hot Water and Controls
MIS 3005 Presentation 6 Heat Emitter Guide
MIS 3005 Presentation 7 Discussion on Heat Loss Calculators
MIS 3005 Presentation 8 Info on Ground Collectors
MIS 3005 Presentation 9 Table 3 and Look-up Tables
MIS 3005 Presentation 10 Reynold’s No, 2.5 percent, Purging and Testing
MIS 3005 Presentation 11 Documentation and Summary
MIS 3005 Spreadsheet 1 Spreadsheet 1
MIS 3005 Spreadsheet 2 Spreadsheet 2
MIS 3005 Spreadsheet 3 Spreadsheet 3
MIS 3005 Spreadsheet 4 Spreadsheet 4
MIS 3005 Spreadsheet 5 Spreadsheet 5
MIS 3005 Spreadsheet 6 Spreadsheet 6
MIS 3005 Spreadsheet 7 Spreadsheet 7
MIS 3005 Section 4.3 System Performance
Supplementary Spreadsheets and Documents
DECC Roadshow FAQs Download here
DHDG sizing spreadsheet @ 19&21 v1.1 start Download here
DHDG sizing spreadsheet @ 19&21 v1.1 finish Download here
Domestic HW cyl selection guide Download here
Guidance on designing a heat pump system to MIS3005 v3.1a issue 1.0 FINAL Download here
MCS Hydraulics Design – Pressure Drop Charts v1_0 Download here
GSHP Hydraulics Design Guide v1.0 Download here
GSHP Hydraulics Worksheet v1.0 Download here
MIS 3005 a practical example Download here
New Build house using BS EN 12831 simplified method v 1 2 Download here
U-Values from Domestic Heating Design Guide v1.0 Download here

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