MCS Standards

MCS Technical Working Groups develop the MCS standards, which are predominantly based on international and European standards already in existence.

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal Hot Water capture solar energy and convert it into thermal energy (heat). The heat is then transferred to the water in a hot water tank either directly or via a heat exchanger.

MCS approved products satisfy rigorous and established European and International standards. In addition to laboratory testing, the product manufacturers also must undertake factory production control audits to show that they have the management systems in place to support the quality production practices and demonstrate the products at the end of the production line are of the same quality as those that are tested.

Below is the Product Standard required to be met for Solar Thermal products under the MCS scheme.

Technology Specific Scheme Requirements
Solar Thermal Systems
MCS 004 Product Certification Scheme Requirements – Solar Collectors 3.3 06.05.2015

Solar Keymark is a voluntary third party certification mark for Solar thermal and thus any solar thermal product registered under Solar Keymark will be eligible under MCS. The list of products certified under Solar Keymark can be found on their website here

Product standards that have been withdrawn are available for reference here.