MCS 001 QMS Templates

As part of the process for becoming an MCS Contractor it is required to put together a Quality Management System (QMS). While a QMS system is generally the norm for medium to large companies, for small companies it may be something they are not familiar with. To make it as straight forward as possible, MCS have provided the following QMS templates that can be used in conjunction with the relevant standard to help construct a Quality Management System. We have provided templates for both companies and sole traders, recognising the different approaches needed in each case. It is important to read the introductory notes to understand how to build a complete QMS using the appendices and spreadsheets.

If used in conjunction with MGD 001, which provides guidance on how to interpret MCS 001, the QMS templates should help put the necessary documents in place prior to an assessment by your chosen Certification Body for satisfying this standard. In addition, you will need to have gone through the relevant installation standard for the technology(s) you intend to be certified for. Each technology has its own requirements so it is essential the relevant MCS Installation Standard (MIS) has been reviewed to be sure that all of the criteria has been satisfied.

QMS Templates Download
Complaints Downloadable Document
Contracts Downloadable Document
Document & Data Control Downloadable Document
Equipment Downloadable Document
Installer Company Documented Procedure Manual Downloadable Document
Installer Sole Trader Documented Procedure Downloadable Document
Suppliers Downloadable Document
Training Records Downloadable Document

Important Notes

  • These templates are for guidance; MCS Contractors do not have to use them.
  • MCS Contractors already using other QMS may be best advised to retain and maintain those systems.
  • MCS recognises that some commercially available QMS packages provide more than the basic compliance service associated with these templates.
  • Using these templates is not a guarantee of certification, as the assessment will focus on whether the system is complete, effective and properly maintained.
  • Some of the documents MCS Contractors use, particularly quotations and contracts, need to comply with both MCS and Consumer Code requirements; your Trading Standards Institute Approved Consumer Code will have guidance and draft documentation that can be used for this.
  • As part of constructing a quality management system, businesses will need to create their own forms as a minimum for sub-contractor agreements, quarterly reviews, complaints, quotes, contracts, surveys, corrective/preventive actions, enquiries, risk assessments etc.

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