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UPDATE: Important Product Note for Musa/ Club 22 Hydro Stove

MCS has now been informed by BRE that the suspension for some of MCZ products has been lifted, with the exception of the following products below:

Suite Hydro 15    MCS BH0041/21

Club Hydro 15     MCS BH0041/22

Musa Hydro 15    MCS BH0041/23

Suite Hydro 22    MCS BH0041/24

Club Hydro 22     MCS BH0041/25

Musa Hydro 22    MCS BH0041/26

The products listed above are still suspended and cannot be registered on the MCS Installation Database until BRE inform MCS otherwise.

Installation companies can now register installations with MCZ products which are no longer suspended on the MCS installation database. Please note that installations which have commissioning dates greater than 10 working days in the past will need to apply for extended access to be granted to the MCS helpdesk. Please see here for more information on how to complete this.

Please read the original product note here for further guidance regarding this suspension.

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